Focused on You.

A Midwife is an important member of your birth team. When you chose your care provider, you wanted someone who is medically competent to take care of your medical needs. You also want someone who is tuned in to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Over time, we can build that relationship of trust so that I can support you through one of the most intimate and sacred times of your life.

Your birth experience has two essential parts: what you want, and what nature has planned. Through education and communication you are prepared to make empowered choices, then let the rest unfold naturally.  As a Midwife, I work hard to educate my clients and bring in positivity and confidence.

The key to a good birth experience is consent and choice. You are always in control!

A Midwife is there to help inform and educate you on what your choices are and then it is your job to make the best decision for your family.



Kandice is an experienced midwife ready to serve you and/or your family.


Kandice deeply believes in informed consent. When you are empowered with knowledge before a situation unfolds, you can make the best choices for you and your baby.

One-on-one care

One you are booked, you hold space on Kandice’s calendar.  She will exclusively work with you and be ready to help with the birth of your baby.

Kandice carves out time around your expected date of delivery so that she can be exclusively available for you.


Kandice has five children of her own. She knows how peaceful and beautiful childbirth can be.

Meet Midwife, Kandice, of
Mother Birth, LLC

Midwife serving Davis County, Utah

My name is Kandice Baird and I am an experienced midwife serving Box Elder, Cache Weber, and Davis counties in Utah and surrounding areas. I have a passion for birth and I enjoy serving women and their partners through their unique birth and postpartum experiences.

My approach is simple: What do YOU want? During our first consultation I ask a series of questions to gather what it is that you hope to achieve for this birth. If we decide that we will be a good fit, then we work together to discuss ways I can be the best support to you. I take pride in my education, knowledge, and experience and I play an active role in the birth community. I am prepared to support you through whichever path you choose, or nature chooses for you.

My services are customizable and I easily adapt to each situation. My goal is that you are educated and empowered before your birthing day so that you can make your own informed choices every step of the way. There is power in choosing your path, even when it takes an unexpected turn. Together we will make a plan, then watch and work as your birth journey unfolds.

I understand that as your Midwife, I hold an intimate role as a member of your birth team. A relationship of trust with your entire birth team is key to your comfort.

As your Midwife, I hold no bias. I hold no judgement. I embrace each race, religion, sexual orientation, and background; and I leave mine out of your birth space. What you value for your birth is what I value for your birth.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me. I would be honored to support you on your birth journey.

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